Cross Cultural Training Example

Allegheny Technology, Inc. (ATI) expressed a need for a cultural training for Abu Dhabi, UAE. We put together an outline of our training titled: Doing Business in the UAE: Lessons Learned and Best Practices to share with their executives. This training course was custom designed to be directly relevant and useful to their management team attending a trade show in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Custom Designed Training Program Organization

  • A one-day training for a group of 20-30 participants
  • A needs assessment (This was completed before the training session and helped the trainers design a program based on the participants’ cultural knowledge, to fit not only the individual but the entire group.)
  • Training material for 20-30 participants

Cultural Awareness Training Outline

  • Understanding the Middle Eastern culture with a focus on the UAE
  • Basic realities foreigners face when doing business in the UAE
  • Protocol (business cards, pronouncing names, banquets, gifts, etc.)
  • Middle East culture and ways of communicating: insights essential to success
  • Cultural nuances, values, and norms
  • Etiquette
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Religion of Islam: religion, faith, and its impact on daily life
  • Role of women in the Middle East, more specifically in the UAE
  • Face to face interaction, email, and phone interaction
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Understanding values, beliefs, habits, traditions of the culture, and appropriate behavior
  • Safe conversational topics, etc.
  • Building relationships
  • Doing business in the UAE
  • Building international teams
  • Managing international transactions
  • Enhancing global competence
  • Leadership development