Point Piños LighthouseTranslation by Design offers a full range of language and cultural training solutions. We specialize in serving business, education, energy, environment, legal, publishing, transportation, and other technical industries.

The terms language interpretation and translation are often used interchangeably; by definition, interpretation refers to the spoken language and translation to the written language.


Translation by Design offers written translation services in all languages in print and digital media. We choose translators for their linguistic skills and technical expertise and adhere to the American Translators Association’s (ATA) professional standards. More...

Website Localization Services

Translation by Design can foster the international appeal of your website with a full array of translation and localization services. For companies seeking an international online marketing presence, it is critical to have a website localized in the languages of your target customers. We can translate your web site into any language and make sure that cultural nuances are appropriately conveyed in the target language. More...


We provide highly professional in-person consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for business, conference, legal, and meeting communications. Translation by Design interpreters do not interpret literally, word-for-word, but contextually, meaning-for-meaning. Our interpreters are experts in the techniques of interpreting and are sensitive to cultural, social, and political nuances of conducting business in all languages. More...

Cross Cultural Training

In a rapidly changing global economy, Translation by Design provides customized cross cultural training for a wide range of countries, cultures, skills, and sectors. We work with agency and corporate management to ensure that their transition team has the necessary skill sets to adapt to the culture of the specific country. This maximizes success in business to business, sales, negotiations, human resources, partnerships, and any global communication. More...

Other Services

We are constantly adding new services and strive for excellence in virtually all languages and subject areas. In addition, we also offer the following:

  • transcription
  • closed captioning and subtitling
  • desktop publishing (DTP) and printing
  • conference interpreting equipment
  • voice over and dubbing