Interpretation Equipment

Translation by Design is your go-to service for all your interpretation needs at large gatherings; we provide state-of-the-art equipment for multi-lingual conferences.


International Conferences

TBD provides the complete turn-key solution for conferencing and interpretation equipment to meet the needs of thousands of attendees.

  • Provide only the latest technology
  • Support with technical proposals and high profile references to help with bid process
  • Our engineers are available to advise on how to design the best system for your meeting
  • Onsight experienced and specialized technicians to assemble and operate equipment 




Digital Infrared Language Distribution System

We provide the most user-friendly digital wireless receivers, which can receive up to 32 language channels.

  • LCD can display channel number and full language name
  • Indication of signal strength, battery life and volume level
  • Ultra-wide reception angle and no interference
  • Delivered with a light-weight pair of stereo headphones




Interpreter Consoles

TBD also provides the latest generation of digital interpreter consoles, offering a complete set of controls for each interpreter.

  • Accomodates up to 64 interpretation channels including the original floor language
  • LCD displays channels and language names
  • Five incoming and three outgoing channels for relay and auto-relay interpretation
  • Unique function of a repeat button that replays up to 6 seconds
  • Control headphone and speaker volumes, as well as treble and bass





Interpreter Booths

TBD aims to provide ideal working spaces for interpreters; we have available table-top and full-size booths.

  • Comfortable for up to three individuals
  • Optimal sound insulation exceeds ISO international standards
  • Working surface, lighting and ventilation
  • Easy to assemble





Feel free to contact us for further information and pricing. 


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