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Translation and Interpretation Services

When your product or idea needs to go global call Translation By Design. This brochure is a general overview of the language services we offer businesses across a variety of languages and industries. From product packaging to patents our translation teams have experience in manufacturing, retail, marketing, legal, financial, human resources, and more. Our language professionals do more than translate your words, they convey your meaning, in the most relevant way, to the person or group of people you are speaking to. Learn more by downloading our flyer at the link below.
Translation By Design - Language Services Overview


Translation and Interpreters for Legal Professionals

You need to win your case. You need the best language professionals available. Translation by Design is known for our highly skilled Asian language interpreters who work on major international antitrust cases involving the biggest names in technology. For Chinese, Japanese, and Korean TBD is a go-to provider for crucial depositions of tech company executives along with eDiscovery document translation for evidence. We also provide court certified translators in Russian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and others. Download our legal services flyer at the link.

Translation by Design - Legal Language Services



Translation for Publishers and Authors

It's a big world (of opportunity) out there. When you translate your book into another language you not only open up new markets, you open up new stories, to ideas, to new ways of thinking they would have never had access to otherwise. The team at Translation By Design has more than 25 years of publishing industry experience and more than 15 years in the "Translation for Publishers" space. From Japanese manga and Moroccan cookbooks to educational materials and scientific reports Translation By Design is here to help you get your writing ready for any market, language, and culture around the world.

Financial Translation Services

Whether it’s the 5th largest wealth management firm in the world (RBC) requiring their weekly wealth report to be translated into 4 languages every weekend or an immigration attorney needing her Chinese client’s financial statements be translated for his EB-5 Visa application…firms large and small rely on Translation By Design when they require accurate translation for international financial documents. View our brochure below for details on how we can be of service to your financial institution or law firm. 

Case Study: Royal Bank of Canada

Since 2011 Translation By Design has delivered more than 1000 projects to Royal Bank of Canada. Working with Wealth Management, Brand and Marketing, and other departments at the bank we’ve translated more than 8 million words, with rush deadline projects each week, with a 100% on-time delivery track record. Languages we produced for RBC include Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and more... Learn about this significant partnership by viewing a case study at the link below. 

China Ready Tourism Training - Key Take-aways

There is a proverb in China:  "It is better to travel 1000 miles than to read 1000 books." Chinese value travel as both building worldly knowledge and as a means of demonstrating social status of "Face." With a population of 1.4 billion people, increasing incomes, and easing of travel restrictions, the Chinese traveler is hungry to experience more of the world. Study after study demonstrate that Chinese tourists to North America and Europe stay longer and spend more than any other nationality of traveler. Chinese spending on tourism to the US is expecting to QUADRUPLE by 2023. Understanding how to welcome Chinese tourists to your destination can make a BIG revenue impact. Translation by Design offers a cultural training seminar specifically for businesses and DMOs wishing to capitalize on the Chinese tourism opportunity. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your tourism and hospitality business become "China Ready."

Legal Interpreters and Translators - The TBD Advantage

Over the last 10 years, Translation by Design (TBD) has translated over a million documents and provided thousands of interpreters in signifacant international litigations. Yet many legal professionals still opt to use two language service providers during discovery; one for interpreters and another for translators. The advantage of working with TBD as your language services partner is twofold - Translation and Interpretation. We rigorously vet and hire only highly experienced, certified document translators and top-level deposition interpreters. Our quality promise guarantees satisfaction with performance and our security procedures ensure zero conflict of interest.