Rare Languages

One Day On Earth-Documenting the World's Story

When the phone rang at 5:00 on Friday night and a guy named Daniel said he needed the text of a Swazi marriage video translated into English by Monday morning, my first thought was no way. There were other urgent projects that I still had to finalize! Swazi! Who speaks that language? This is going to be an expensive project because it was a rare language, Friday night, a video, and RUSH!

Who Needs Rare Languages? You Might

You may think that rare languages are the province of a few eccentric linguistics professors and that they have no relevance for anybody else, or that there's no more reason to study or preserve them than to learn Klingon. 

Rare Languages: Going, Going...Gone?

How many languages can you name off the top of your head? 30? 40? 50 would be impressive. Even if you named 100, though, you would have identified only a fraction of the thousands spoken throughout the world.

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