Using Translated Comics to Unite Nations

The latest comic book from Comics Uniting Nations, Annie Sunbeam, is available now in five languages! For the past two years Translation by Design has been the official language support partner for these comics. We’re proud to do our part to help educate and empower young people around the world to make a difference in their communities.

Translating "Rogue One"

Oftentimes, when I think of a dubbed film, visions of a Bruce Lee movie come to mind…the actor’s mouth moves, but the voice does not correspond with the movement. However, almost five decades later, technology and globalization have pushed the dubbing industry to new heights. NPR’s short clip, Dubbing Rogue One, by Latino USA details just how difficult and intricate a task film dubbing is today and how it hinges on the translation.

Merry Christmas in the Languages of Europe

Merry Christmas in the Languages of Europe


This is a nice looking map by Jakub Marian showing the way other countries write/say, "Merry Christmas." 

Wikipedia does a good job of covering all of the countires where Christmas is an important holiday and tradition. 

Planting a Tree in Sierra Leone

According to the World Bank the average person in Sierra Leone earns the equivalent of $1,750 USD per year. Incomes like that don’t make attractive markets for the latest smartphones or computers or cars. Fact is there really isn’t a lot of reason for the global economy to pay much attention to Sierra Leone.

It’s All English to Me

English isn’t spoken exactly the same way everywhere.  That’s where localization comes in handy. 

This blog recently referred to "Translation: Getting it Right," a useful brochure helping companies wisely go about translation.  This brochure also happens to be a helpful study in the art of localization. 

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