Our Colleague Barry Slaughter Olson Discusses Interpreter Code of Ethics on NPR

Monterey, California is home to several institutions and companies that justify its claim as “The Language Capitol of the WorldTM.” More than just owning the trademark on the phrase, the Monterey area is host to several world renown language institutions and companies, the most prestigious of which is the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS).

Example Text of a Legal Interpreter’s Oath

How is an interpreter sworn to interpret before the court? By swearing an oath to interpret the proceeding with complete impartiality. Here is a sample text for an interpreter oath, borrowed from Riverside County:


Oath of Language for Certified/Registered Court Interpreters

NAPABA - Promoting Justice and Equality for All

The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) held their Western Regional Conference in San Jose, California last week. It was hosted at the new Silicon Valley USPTO office and was the largest regional conference in NAPABA’s history.
The Conference’s host chapter, APABA Silicon Valley, was formed over 30 years ago with a mission to foster professional development, advocacy, and community involvement for Silicon Valley's Asian Pacific American legal community, and to promote justice and equality for all.

Spanish Language Interpreting for Presidential Candidate Rally

Translation for Legal Professionals is Serious Business

Language, Understanding, Respect and Tears

A hearing impaired individual encounters many of the same communication frustrations that a hearing person encounters in an area of the world where people speak a different language. In this touching video, created by Samsung Turkey, you'll see what happens when an entire neighborhood learns how to communicate in another language, sign language.

New TBD Ad for Legal Secretary Magazine


Soon to be seen in The Legal Secretary magazine...this full-page ad promoting Translation By Design as the language services partner of choice for legal professionals.

Language Helps a Community in Crisis

Seaside Police Chief Vicki Myers address a community meeting with the help of a Spanish Interpreter from Translation By Design

Translator vs. Interpreter - Understanding the DIfference



We get calls often where the client will ask for a Translator. Common requests are for conferences, legal depositions, business meetings and familiarization tours or tour escorts. Invariably the caller really means they are searching for an interpreter. 

The rule is:

Spoken = Interpreter 

Written = Translator

This TEDx Talk will teach you the difference and entertain you as well! 

Through Giving, We Receive

Wishing you a joyous holiday season surrounded by your loving family and dearest friends, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year from your team at Translation By Design. Here’s our president Sandra DeLay with Bixby and Quigley, the company's twin 西施犬 (shih tzus). They insisted…really!


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