US Lighting Tech

The Challenge

US Lighting Tech is one of the country's leading manufacturers of induction lighting products. They recognize that maintaining a healthy environment is vital for a healthy life and sustainable growth for future generations. They are committed to their goals of surpassing environmental standards and being proactive in dealing with saving energy, reducing solid waste, and decreasing pollution - all for a better quality of light and life. These goals are being achieved by combining technological innovation with sound environmental business decisions at every step of a product's life cycle.

The VP of Sales called to discuss their need for an Italian<>English technical interpreter. Their sales team from Italy was traveling to their US office for a three day technical course on lighting and manufacturing. They could provide some of the materials in advance, but some of the course would be interactive and spontaneous. Their major concern was that the knowledge level within the sales team varied considerably. It was imperative to find an interpreter with understanding of lighting terminology, who was local, who had competitive rates, and was available within a week’s notice.

The Solution

We began by reviewing all of our Italian resources in the greater Los Angeles area. We knew that Italian was not often requested. It is not a court certified language, and we had to find a person with lighting terminology expertise. We contacted all of our resources and spoke with them about the technical aspect of the assignment. We asked for referrals. We asked for all the material in advance so the interpreter could study it and become familiarized with the terminology, and ask questions before the assignment began.

We stayed in close touch with the interpreter and the client about the dates of the course to make sure that the interpreter was available. The interpreter was eager to assist and wanted to be available. It turned out that he lived two blocks from their office. He was thrilled because he spends hours in traffic every day traveling to assignment.

The Results

The Italian interpreter had five years of experience and he gave us a great rate since he didn’t have to commute an hour each way to the assignment. His expertise, interest, and flexibility during the three day course made everyone relax and actually enjoy the course. He even accompanied them for dinner to interpret without adding any additional fees. He understood all of the Italian jokes and even had a few of his own. Everyone was happy. The training was completed a half day early because the interpreter was efficient, focused, and prepared. He understood the subject matter. It is essential to match the interpreter to the needs of the assignment.