Translator vs. Interpreter - Understanding the DIfference



We get calls often where the client will ask for a Translator. Common requests are for conferences, legal depositions, business meetings and familiarization tours or tour escorts. Invariably the caller really means they are searching for an interpreter. 

The rule is:

Spoken = Interpreter 

Written = Translator

This TEDx Talk will teach you the difference and entertain you as well! 

Each spring the Middlebury Institute for International Studies hosts the TEDx Monterey conference. One of the sessions last year focused on the important role interpreters play in enabling effective communication between people who speak different languages.

This video explains the difference between translation and interpretation, along with the differences between simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation.

Yes, there are two types. If you are now asking yourself, "What kind of interpreter do I need?" You can watch this video can call us. We'll be very happy to help.