Q&A with Sandra Delay: Translation By Design and Legal Interpreting

Much is at stake in legal cases. You need to know that your interpreters are up to the task.

Translation by Design's President, Sandra Delay, recently shared some insights on her experience providing legal interpreters for an anti-trust case

What's unique about working on this sort of legal case?

This is a case with lots of players from all over the world.  It's exactly the kind of case that illustrates just how globalized our world has become, and language simply cannot be a barrier in these situations. 

What is your approach to finding the right interpreters for cases, and how does it differ from other language companies' methods? 

We always focus on getting the best interpreters for our clients, who understand the importance of the highest-quality work.  I have to be proud of the interpreters we provide, because they are representing me.  Most companies would simply say, "We can't find anybody," if asked to find an interpreter overseas or in a more rare language, but we thrive on challenges. 

What would you say is your essential guiding principle in selecting and working with legal interpreters?

When it comes down to it, our priority is adding value to our product - that is, our translations and interpretations.  We believe in treating our clients, translators and interpreters well, and establishing long-term relationships with them.  That's how we keep providing the best linguists for our clients.  

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