Comics Uniting Nations (In Multiple Languages)

In April 2015, Translaiton by Design's President, Sandra DeLay, learned about an ambitious project. A company called Reading with Pictures was going to create a series of comics to educate children about the United Nations 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Sandra has always been passionate about teaching children; they have the power to make a difference. She immediately crafted an email to Josh Elder, the founder of the company leading this project:

Hi Josh,

I just read about your new comics project with the UN. What an exciting and innovative idea. I would love to be involved in some way. My company, Translation by Design, is a language service provider with a background in publishing and publishing translation. We've worked with several of the graphic novel publishers over the years: TokyoPop, Yen Press, Random House, Seven Seas, Viz, and others, but your project really speaks to my heart.

I'm sure you're super busy, but please let us know how we can get involved.

Nelson Mandela said it best, "If you speak to a person in a language they understand, it goes to their head, but if you speak to them in their own language, it goes to their heart."

Thank you for your time.

Have a great day.


Josh, also the State Department’s Comic Ambassador to the World, responded using terms from his comic book lexicon: “Like a lightning bolt from the sky!” “Super heroes!” “Herculean effort!”

Several months later, following many planning meetings, revisions to the text and artwork, and the slow approval process within the United Nations, the English version of the comic was finalized and delivered to us. It was then that the sprint began. Our team of linguists, typesetters and project managers, united behind the purpose of this work, delivered in record time so the "Heroes For Change" comic would be available the day the Global Goals were ratified.

Together with the artists and writers at Reading with Pictures, their partners at the United Nations, and our team of talented language professionals, we were able to make the message of the global goals available to young people in over 100 countries and in the languages spoken by more than half of the world’s population!

We are translating for the good of humanity. Over all my years in the translation industry, delivering this project and being a part of the launch of the Global Goals is my proudest moment. – Sandra DeLay

To read or download the comic please click on the link to the appropriate language below:

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