Translation By Design’s Shih Tzus are stars of the Feast of Lanterns Cultural Festival

BixbyQuiqlySandra’s twin Shih Tzus, Bixby and Quigley, have been the un-official mascots of Translation By Design since she was given them 10 years ago. This past weekend, they were the stars of the Pacific Grove Feast of Lanterns Pet Parade!

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Effective networking with the Chinese…

As the rise of globalization increases, so too does the opportunity to expand our social and business networks. This is especially true between Chinese and Westerners.

An important take away from the post “3 Ideas for More Effective Networking with the Chinese”, written by US-China business and cross-cultural specialist Sean Upton McLaughlin, is that the more time one invests in understanding culture and in cultivating relationships, the more one gets back.

China Ready Event

Thank you to everyone who attended our “China Ready” presentation at the Carmel Plaza last Friday. We wish to offer an extra special thank you to Thompson Lange at Homescapes Carmel and Martha Torres, Marketing Manager for the Carmel Plaza for encouraging us to bring the event to the Carmel Plaza. It was wonderful to see so many people interested in how their business can create more revenue opportunities by creating improved experiences for Chinese visitors that come to the Monterey area.

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