Our Colleague Barry Slaughter Olson Discusses Interpreter Code of Ethics on NPR

Monterey, California is home to several institutions and companies that justify its claim as “The Language Capitol of the WorldTM.” More than just owning the trademark on the phrase, the Monterey area is host to several world renown language institutions and companies, the most prestigious of which is the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS).

Linguists from all over the world come to MIIS to receive intensive master’s degree training for translation and conference interpreting. Translation By Design’s close proximity to the campus, and connection to their faculty and graduating students, gives us unique insight into who are the best interpreters in the world. 

One of the individuals responsible for the high standards of the interpretation program at MIIS is our colleague Barry Slaughter Olson. At the link below you can hear his interview with NPR regarding the interpreter who served President Trump during his meeting with Russian’s President Putin, and whether it is right for the interpreter to be called before congress to testify about what was discussed in the meeting. It’s a quick listen that provides useful information about the “Interpreter’s Code of Ethics.”

What the interpreters code of ethics says about conversations in private meeting

We are occasionally asked by our legal clients, “How can we be certain the interpreter is unbiased?” You can be certain because of the interpreter’s code of ethics adhered to by all professional interpreters. Furthermore, legal interpreters swear an oath before the court to provide a completely impartial translation of what the parties in a case are saying.